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  1. Remain behind the shooting line when using the practice range when other shooters are        present/shooting until all are done and “CLEAR” is communicated.

  2. For purposes of adjusting your sight pins on the practice range, you may shoot shorter distances if no one else is present/shooting.

  3. On the 3D course, stay on the trail and shooting lanes, follow all signage for walk backs, direction markers, etc. Trail is marked with ribbons.

  4. We share this trail with hikers/ATVs/bikers/hunters and some targets are in the vicinity of homes, please be courteous, use respectful language and be safe at all times.

  5. Before drawing your bow to shoot, ensure no one is behind the target.

  6. Do Not exit the course by walking out onto the recreational fields; exit at the same point you entered by the practice area.

  7. Pickup any trash and broken arrows you find as you use the course. Arrows found can be placed in the container adjacent to the entrance.

  8. NO alcohol is allowed on the course per Town of Brentwood requirements.

  9. Never point your bow/arrows at anything but the target. Keep it under control at all times.

  10. Broadheads are not allowed to be shot on the 3D course and cannot be used on the standard practice range targets. Broadheads may be used on the practice range when and only when a designated broadhead target is setup.

  11. Arrows must be in a quiver when walking to and from lanes.

  12. Arrows should not be placed on the string until ready to shoot.

  13. When looking for a lost arrow, place your bow in front of the target to let others know you are there.

  14. Be sure your target and the area behind it is clear before shooting.

  15. Do not shoot from distances beyond those marked for a lane.

  16. Shoot only designated target lanes and only at targets.

  17. Wearing hunter orange is recommended when using the course during the hunting season.

  18. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  19. Have Fun-Be Safe-Be Respectful

  20. Contact us if you have any questions.

  21. Report any observed safety  concerns.

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